Christmas Coding Break
Christmas Coding Break

Christmas Coding Break

I had every intention coming up to Christmas to keep coding right through it.  Travelling back up north, I only had a surface with me – with no desk or anything suitable at my parent’s home to make it comfortable.

Once I got there, I decided to actually have a break.  A few days with no code.  In fact, I tried my hardest not to use my surface at all – bar weather models and some sale shopping, I stayed away.

It did me some good.  I felt a renewed vigour and focus when I sat down at 9am the morning after I got back to London to get cracking on finishing the PHP with MySQL Essential Training course on Lynda.

Some of the course went over the basics that I already knew, which was fine for a reminder and I picked up one or two tips.  Where the most learning was achieved was from the chapters on working with MySQL – I know SQL reasonably well in terms of structuring data requests, SELECT, INPUT, DELETE yadda yadda, but what I had no idea of was how to actually use it, and also how to structure it within PHP.

The course took me through building my own Content Management System, the four basic functions of data storage – CRUD, and login systems, including theories around hashing passwords.

I still have some questions though, especially with regards as how to best structure tables within databases, so I shall be looking to expand my knowledge further.  The next course I’m planning on starting tomorrow morning, at no later than 9am, is PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics – pretty much the follow-up, by the same author – only 10 and a half hours of video this time, which could easily turn to double once I have re-coded it all myself and convinced myself that I have enough of an understanding to move on.

No later than 9am as I have a new structure.  I was studying much of the day anyway but getting distracted a bit too much.  I have set myself a 9am to 6pm workday, working in chunks of 45 minutes followed with a 15 minute break, until 4pm at which point I’m working in 30 minute chunks followed by a 15 minute break.  I shall also be allowing myself every Sunday off – to recharge and do whatever the heck I want.  Within the bounds of my strict unemployed budget, of course.

Hopefully I won’t be unemployed for too much longer.  I am doing what I can in terms of applying for every role that looks like I am suited for, and that looks at least vaguely interesting.  I’ve had four telephone interviews over the last week – one I know I won’t get, perhaps two, but one has led to an interview this Friday.  A very interesting role and very interesting company (of course I would say that just in case they are reading!).

Importantly, I also have an interview tomorrow for the job that I did the coding challenge for.  I was really happy with what I did, albeit knowing there were one or two areas that I didn’t have the time to put into it, and it seems my interviewer was impressed too.

I’ve had a good feeling about this one right from when I sent the application, for some reason.  Of course, I may be up against more suitable or more experienced candidates – who knows.  My Dad told me not to get my hopes up but balls to that – I have my hopes up.  I may be a realist but I’m generally an optimist too.

And there are other jobs that I have applied for directly (ie not through those blinking job sites…I could do a whole post just on my frustrations with those) that I think I have a good chance of hearing back from.  Lots going on.

I have always believed that I am a very employable junior web developer, more so by the day, and if I don’t do myself justice in the upcoming interviews I shall be disappointed.  If I do well, it is certainly feasible, without wanting to be too arrogant, that I could be offered one of these roles.  The most important goal is to represent my abilities.

Time to get back on with things – having fun breaking a website that I am making.  All for good reason, just a fun little project.  It isn’t shit enough yet but it will be by the end of the week (apologies for the swearing dear future potential employer, I am affably polite to face, I occasionally swear in writing).  Must sort out those link colours on this blog too.


Looks awful doesn’t it?  But not quite bad enough yet…

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