9 Days Of Coding
9 Days Of Coding

9 Days Of Coding

I haven’t touched a style sheet or a html tag for over a week now. Various reasons – work getting in the way as usual but also a massive lack of sleep has meant I’ve just constantly been catching up with myself. A heavy weekend on top of that hasn’t helped either.

I am wondering how I am going to get back into it. The longer it goes on, the harder it is to take that first step back into it.

Tomorrow is the start of 9 days off work (I have a non-coding job). And the start of 9 days of coding. The intention is that the 5 working days will remain so, my 7-8 hours of brain-numbingly boring work replaced with 7-8 hours of brain-inspiring fun and creative coding. Along with the odd swear word.


The first day may be quite tricky. I’m really tired and I need a rest. I think I’ll do well to do 4 hours. Plus I have an Ikea delivery.

The 4 weekend days I will try to make sure I do 3-4 hours studying too. Although I call it studying – it will more likely be actual coding, but coding is a learning process for me so it is technically studying.

So the plan is to finish my portfolio by the end of March. Or at least the websites to go on my portfolio.

First up is to finish the website for my first ever client.

Then to finish my weather forecasting website. The desktop version is 60% complete. The largest test will be to make it work for mobile – this is probably the last time I will do a website without a mobile-first philosophy!

Next up will be a website for the house/techno events I help run.

And finally I want to create a random fruit generator with plenty of TweenMax animations.

Oh yeah and I need to create my Sunshine Design website.

At which point I feel that I will have enough websites, using a variety of different languages/frameworks, etc, that I can use for my portfolio.

This was always an ambitious deadline and I may not achieve it. But I need to work my backside off the next 9 days to come as close as possible – by May I want to be applying for my first junior web developer roles. Wish me luck.

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