Thoughts After 9 Days Of Coding
Thoughts After 9 Days Of Coding

Thoughts After 9 Days Of Coding

I took 5 days off work, split either side of the Easter bank holiday weekend and the plan was to do as much coding as possible, and end up with quite a few websites.

Things haven’t quite gone to plan.

For the Easter weekend, I was relying on my Surface to be able to do some coding – I was hoping I’d get 3-4 hours a day done over those 4 days, as I was visiting family so couldn’t spend all day coding.

Unfortunately after an hour on the train, my surface decided to restart without warning. It then proceeded to take 2 hours until it finished restarting, by which point I had almost arrived at my destination.

Frustrating but I managed to usurp it by leaving my charger on the train. Really not helpful!

Then after the Easter weekend, I managed to develop a mild illness, which is progressively getting worse. I did still manage a reasonable amount of coding the last couple of days but my brain really isn’t up to it today – not sleeping isn’t helping either.

Needless to say, I have not achieved my goals.

That said, I have made good progress.

Firstly I have almost completed the website for my first ever client. I am just awaiting some product photographs from him so I can complete it. Though he has gone very quiet! I don’t even know if he likes what I’ve done.

I have also almost finished my weather forecasting website. There is just one thing annoying me that I cannot work out how to fix, which is the jquery that manages the various navigation aspects. I’ve taken a step back so I can think about it.

Then I finished the website for the house/techno event that I help run. That was quite simple, though it took some time to make it look right. I think it is finished, but being a bit of a perfectionist, I’m still not ready to accept that it is done.

My random fruit generator offered me different types of challenges. One I haven’t yet worked out is my wonky flexbox with 5 or 8 items. I also had to get to grips with TweenMax for some animations which had me stumped for a short while. Still a few bits that need sorting so only 80% done.

Finally, I made a valiant attempt at my Sunshine Design website. I have big plans for this, though it needs quite a bit of JavaScript and quite a lot of animations. I spent all day yesterday on this and didn’t seem to make that much progress. I’m miles away from actually finishing it.

Most importantly though, I’ve really enjoyed my time coding.

I’m under no doubt whatsoever that this is my future. I can spend 2-3 hours coding, researching, testing things – completely in the zone. Something that simply does not happen in my current non-coding job. I can use my creativity, I am constantly challenged and continually have a sense of fulfillment – excitement too!

There is still a way to go until I have a portfolio that I’d be happy with, and there is only a month until I intend on starting to apply for jobs. Progress has been made.

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