I’m Going To Silicon Milk Roundabout
I’m Going To Silicon Milk Roundabout

I’m Going To Silicon Milk Roundabout

Please excuse the basic state of the blog styling it will be brought up to date and in line with my portfolio soon.

Those of you that know me will know I’ve been studying towards becoming a front-end web developer for a few years now, but only with a real focus for the last year or so. Those of you that don’t know me – hello.

I applied for a ticket to Silicon Milkroundabout, not really expecting to get one as almost every job listed seems to require huge amounts of experience – I only had a fairly basic portfolio at the time.

I received a ticket. But I decided that I was probably going to be way out of my depth and decided not to go.

Then with two weeks to go, I changed my mind again, realising that I could be throwing away an excellent opportunity.

The problem being that I needed a portfolio. And some business cards. And a new CV. So I cancelled almost everything, spent the bank holiday in front of my computer, much of this weekend, evenings, early mornings and occasional lunchtimes, trying to finish my portfolio – and the websites to go on it.

My portfolio is complete, bar one or two minor issues. Oh and I still need to do some IE adjustments. The websites are not as complete as I’d like but life is not perfect.

Anyway, I’ve absolutely no idea what to expect at Silicon Milkroundabout. I have checked the companies attending and cannot find any looking for a junior web developer. To be expected, I guess, with the laws of supply and demand.

I have no idea what to say or how to introduce myself, I’ve been so focused on finishing my portfolio that I haven’t even had chance to think about it.

Given that none of the companies seem to be looking for juniors, I’m not entirely sure which to go see – I’ve marked down some as being interesting companies to work for but I doubt I can be too fussy!

If it turns out that there are no companies looking for someone with my talents but relative lack of experience, then I at least can hopefully find out more about working in the tech industry, and also what to work towards.

And if I am totally out of my depth – they have a free bar.

I do wish I was wearing shorts right now.

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